T-shirt design

Whether you plan to print the shirt yourself or have it professionally printed, you can still come up with the design for your shirt directly at home. Creating your own t-shirt may be a creative and enjoyable hobby that could even earn you some money if you decide to sell your designs.

A design for a company, band, sporting team, or brand will likely need to focus on a logo; the Nike swoosh logo, for example, is a very simple but effective design; a design for a sporting team might feature the team colors or the team mascot; a design for your band might focus on an image of the band or a graphic that represents the band’s style or sound. Consider what your design will represent: maybe you are using a personal illustration; maybe you are advertising your favorite sports team, your favorite cleaning company, or your favorite sports team.

Choose a color scheme. Color contrast refers to how specific ink colors will show up against lighter or darker t shirts when designing a t-shirt. Some ink colors appear more vibrant when viewed on a computer screen on a lighter or darker shirt than they actually do when printed.

Best T-shirt design for full sleeve and half sleeve

Create depth to a particular area of the design by adding a color that is a shade of the color beneath it. This will brighten the design and give it some dimension. Once you have added your colors to the design, it might look good but still a bit flat or one dimensional.[3] If you plan to use software with a high capacity for manipulation (such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator, or Paint Shop Pro), you can use a standard image and drastically alter it to fit your needs.

A balanced image will immediately draw the viewer’s attention in rather than away from it. Balance in design refers to the process of combining all the parts or elements to form a whole. The method by which you accomplish this depends on the composition of your design. For example, your design may consist of many small elements, such as stars, plants, or animals, or it may be one large design with one main figure or image.

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