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The Walt Disney Company’s iconic character, Mickey Mouse, was co-created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928. He is an anthropomorphic mouse, usually dressed in red shorts, big yellow shoes, and white gloves. Drawing inspiration from silent film icons like Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, Mickey is typically portrayed as a likable underdog who overcomes obstacles greater than himself through determination and resourcefulness. The character’s representation as a small mouse is personified through his diminutive stature and falsetto voice, the latter of which was originally supplied by Disney. Mickey is one of the most recognizable and widely loved fictional characters in the world.

Mickey’s media appearances date back to 1930 and include television shows like The Mickey Mouse Club (1955–1996), comic books, video games, merchandise, and meetable character experiences at Disney parks. The Mickey Mouse comic strip, which was primarily drawn by Floyd Gottfredson, ran for 45 years. Mickey also appears in comic books like Mickey Mouse, Disney Italy’s Topolino, and MM – Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine, as well as Wizards of Mickey.

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a previous cartoon character created by the Disney studio but owned by Universal Pictures. Charles Mintz acted as a middleman producer between Disney and Universal through his company, Winkler Pictures, for the series of cartoons starring Oswald. Disney severed ties with Oswald as a result of ongoing conflicts between the two parties and the revelation that several animators from the Disney studio would eventually leave to work for Mintz’s company. Animator Ub Iwerks, apprentice artist Les Clark, and Wilfred Jackson were among the few individuals who remained at the Disney studio. During his train ride home from New York, Walt came up with ideas for a new cartoon character.

A parody of Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr., which had been released on May 12 of the same year, Steamboat Willie was the first Mickey cartoon produced to find a distributor, so The Disney Company considers it to be Mickey’s debut. Willie featured changes to Mickey’s appearance (in particular, simplifying his eyes to large dots) that established his look for later cartoons and in numerous Walt Disney films. The short was first released on November 18, 1928, in New York. It was co-directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Iwerks once again served as the head animator, with assistance from Johnny Cannon, Les Clark, Wilfred Jackson, and Dick Lundy. We sell best micky mouse t shirt

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