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Shipping Time: 3-5 days all over India
T-shirt Material: 100% Pure Cotton with 180 GSM Bio-Wash
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Buy Mens Instant Karma Design Printed Half Sleeveless T-shirt on Sale Online In India

Discount Clothes comes with karma t shirt brand design printed costume for men at low price. This cloth is available in multi colors for sale such as red, blue, black, green, purple, maroon, brown, orange, white etc. This best price funny quote fabric is available in wholesale price.

Cheap Boys Karma Designed T-shirt Bio-wash Fabric Cloth for Wholesale Price

Karma t shirt for boyfriend apparel can delivered to any city of India in just 3-5 working days and with exchange and return policy. This bio-wash 180 GSM half sleeve t shirt is available in multicolors and sizes. This cloth can be wear by men of all ages.

Karma: A T-Shirt Design for the Indian Man

Karma is a central concept in Indian philosophy, representing the universal law of cause and effect. This t-shirt design for men in India taps into that rich cultural wellspring while offering a stylish and contemporary look.

Design Concept 1: Wheel of Karma

  • Central Image: The focal point is a stylized Dharmachakra (wheel of dharma), a symbol of karma and righteousness.
  • Colors: Saffron, representing renunciation and spiritual knowledge, is the base color for the wheel. Accents can be in green (growth) and white (purity).
  • Text: In Devanagari script, “Karma” is written artistically around the wheel.
  • T-Shirt Color: This design can work well on a variety of colors, but a deep blue or a classic white would be excellent choices.

Design Concept 2: Balance Scales

  • Central Image: Two ornately designed scales are balanced in the center, representing the weighing of good and bad deeds.
  • Colors: Gold for the scales signifies their importance and value. Accents can be in red (action) and black (consequence).
  • Text: In English or a regional Indian language, a short phrase like “What you sow, you reap” or its equivalent in the chosen language can be placed below the scales.
  • T-Shirt Color: A bold black t-shirt would make the gold scales stand out. Alternatively, a lighter color like beige could create a more subtle effect.

Additional Touches:

  • Mantra: For a more spiritual touch, a small Om symbol or a short mantra related to karma can be incorporated on the sleeve or back of the shirt.
  • Fabric and Fit: Use soft, breathable cotton for a comfortable fit. A regular fit that’s not too baggy is ideal for everyday wear.
  • Distressed Print: A slightly distressed print effect can give the design a vintage, lived-in look.

Target Audience:

This design caters to the modern Indian man who is comfortable with his heritage and appreciates a thoughtful design. It can be worn casually, for workouts, or even dressed up with a jacket for a night out.


  • Conduct market research to see what resonates with your target audience.
  • Use high-quality materials and printing techniques.
  • Offer the t-shirt in a variety of sizes to ensure a good fit for all.

By combining a timeless concept with a modern aesthetic, this karma t-shirt design can be a hit with Indian men who want to express their cultural identity and belief in the universal law of cause and effect.


Purple, Flag Green, Coffee Brown, Petrol Blue, Steel Grey, Mustard Yellow, Maroon, Brick Red, Orange, Red, Black, Bottle Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue


M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL


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